2020 violence and dating

07-Jan-2018 18:32

Learn More Bilingual Spanish-English Housing Specialists work with survivors who have been made homeless by domestic violence, are at risk of homelessness or need to find alternative housing options due to ongoing violence in their homes.

Learn More The Counseling Services team provides individual counseling and support groups for adult and youth survivors of domestic violence, as well as referrals to specialized counseling services in the community.

While in the program, survivors and their families have access to all of Casa Myrna’s supportive services.

TPP accommodates up to 8 survivors and 13 children each night.This enables asurvivor to think about possibilities for staying safe on a daily basis.Safety planning is very important because most surivors have some kind of relationship with their abuser, particularly if they live, work or worship in the same community or have children together.Learn More All of our residential programs are home-like environments in which each woman has her own bedroom which she shares with her child or children.

Kitchens, bathrooms, living space, and dining areas are communal areas shared by all the women living in the house.

If you are a young person interested in becoming a peer leader, contact us at (857) 265-0980 or at [email protected]

FFY2017-2020. Alaska 2017-2020 STOP Implementation Plan. attorneys statewide, in the areas of sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, and… continue reading »

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