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US 59 (overlapped by US 71) actually straddles the border between Texas and Arkansas north of I-30 near Texarkana, with the east side of the highway on the Arkansas side and the west side of the highway on the Texas side. The stretch of the Southwest Freeway just west of The Loop was formerly one of the busiest freeways in North America, with a peak AADT of 371,000 in 1998.

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46 miles north of Livingston, US 59 bypasses Lufkin, where it overlaps US 69.

10 miles north of Lufkin, US 59 bypasses Nacogdoches and heads in an almost entirely east-west direction.

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U. S. Highway 59 US 59 in the U. S. state of Texas is named the Lloyd Bentsen Highway, after Lloyd Bentsen, former U. S. senator from Texas. In northern Houston, US 59, co-signed with Interstate 69 I-69, is the Eastex Freeway from Downtown Houston to the Liberty County/Montgomery County line. To the south, which is.… continue reading »

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The I-69 Advisory Committee and five Segment Committees to assist the Texas Department of Transportation TxDOT in the planning process for I-69. These committees are working to provide a locally focused, citizen plan for developing. I-69. The following sections describe the creation and efforts to-date of these volunteer.… continue reading »

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