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Webb, Duval, Mc Mullan, Live Oak, Bee, Goliad, Victoria, Jackson, Wharton, Fort Bend, Harris, Montgomery, Liberty, San Jacinto, Polk, Angelina, Nacogdoches, Rusk, Shelby, Panola, Harrison, Marion, Cass, Bowie US 59, connects Texarkana to Laredo. The total length of the southernmost segment of US 59 that passes through Texas and terminates at the Mexico–US border is 615 miles (990 km). 90, did not violate the convention of even numbers for east–west routes.

Currently 75-mile-per-hour (121 km/h) speed limits are allowed on US 59 in Duval County and portions of northern Polk County.

state of Texas is named the Lloyd Bentsen Highway, after Lloyd Bentsen, former U. To the south, which is also co-signed with I-69, it is the Southwest Freeway (from Rosenberg to Downtown Houston).

In northern Houston, US 59, co-signed with Interstate 69 (I-69), is the Eastex Freeway (from Downtown Houston to the Liberty County/Montgomery County line).

The US 96 designation was originally applied in 1926 from Rosenberg, Texas, near Houston, to Pharr in the Rio Grande valley. The highway's east–west nature was boosted in 1934 when US 96 was rerouted from Alice to Laredo.

US 59 begins at the Mexico–US border with Loop 20 on the World Trade International Bridge over the Rio Grande in Laredo.

US 59 passes through Jefferson, 15 miles west of Caddo Lake.

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US 59 intersects many major Texas highways in Houston, including I-10 (which goes to San Antonio and Beaumont) and I-45 (which goes to Dallas and Galveston). US 59 (overlapped by US 71) actually straddles the border between Texas and Arkansas north of I-30 near Texarkana, with the east side of the highway on the Arkansas side and the west side of the highway on the Texas side. The stretch of the Southwest Freeway just west of The Loop was formerly one of the busiest freeways in North America, with a peak AADT of 371,000 in 1998.US 59 passes through Carthage before intersecting I-20 south of Marshall.

US 59 intersects US 80 in Marshall, where US 59 is known as East End Boulevard (due to the fact the highway runs on the east side of town, near the city limits).

US 59 intersects SH 93 south of Texarkana, the old highway through the city.

Nov 13, 2017. 24, Chandler, AZ, 58.03, 3, 69, 41. 25, Washington, DC, 58.03, 181, 13, 14. 26, Austin, TX, 57.97, 81, 18, 87. 27, Orlando, FL, 57.95, 56, 6, 152. 28, Columbia, SC, 57.82, 125, 55, 10. 29, Salt Lake City, UT, 57.81, 31, 39, 50. 30, Rochester, NY, 57.16, 99, 58, 20. 31, Cincinnati, OH, 57.10, 80, 30, 46.… continue reading »

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U. S. Highway 59 US 59 in the U. S. state of Texas is named the Lloyd Bentsen Highway, after Lloyd Bentsen, former U. S. senator from Texas. In northern Houston, US 59, co-signed with Interstate 69 I-69, is the Eastex Freeway from Downtown Houston to the Liberty County/Montgomery County line. To the south, which is.… continue reading »

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Feb 26, 2018. Malik Newman #14 of the Kansas Jayhawks shoots against Jericho Sims #20 of the Texas Longhorns in the first half at Allen Fieldhouse on February 26, 2018 in Lawrence, Kansas. Photo by Ed. 6 Kansas 80, Texas 70. Midway through the second half, Kansas hit 6 of 8 shots and grabbed a 69-54 lead.… continue reading »

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