Accomodating employees with

17-Feb-2017 02:28

The couples are always looking out for each other by way of trying to ensure they don’t have to take on extra work and having a counterproductive attitude to other staff.

Could our organization adopt a “no relationship” policy and therefore require one person from each couple to leave the organization?

Does that really not impact the morale and working relationships of the other person?

Or you just could have a no-dating policy going forward (although good luck with that — it usually just drives dating underground and tends to be seen by people as a major over-reach from the employer).

It is good to avoid conflict but becomes better when you collaborate.

The avoidance approach will build up the conflict till it escalate which is dangerous to individual and organization.

Forcing leads to damage at the long run but comprise leads to peace and relationship building.

Above all, Collaboration leads to win-win and helps both parties to understand each other.Everything is scripted, regimented, rote and procedural, and employees are often so afraid of being reprimanded for going against the letter of the law, or for making a bad decision — not to mention chronically being pressed for time — that they won’t make a decision at all, or will gladly hand the matter along to somebody else who can then take responsibility.Workers are deterred from thinking creatively exactly when they need to.At best, it creates the appearance (even if not the reality) of bias and special treatment, and it can also mean that the subordinate’s performance isn’t assessed appropriately and the person isn’t given adequate feedback, and it can open your company to charges of harassment down the road (“I wanted to break up with him, but he implied it would affect my standing at work”).

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