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Just as studies of love generally ignore its relation to work, studies of work tend to ignore its relation to love.Research on work has focused primarily on aspects of the work environment that influence job satisfaction (e.g., Fiedler, 1967; Kohn & Schooler, 1973; Levinson, 1969; Parker, 1983), for the most part ignoring possible links between satisfaction with work and satisfaction with relationships (see Piotrkowski, 1978, for an exception).She has published a number of widely cited articles and book chapters in these areas.received a Ph D from the University of Queensland in 1981 and is Professor of Psychology at the university.Work lives and love lives have been treated largely as nonoverlapping, a perspective Kanter (1977) called the "myth of separate worlds."In the present article, we suggest that attachment theory can accommodate both love and work in a natural way.We argue that work is functionally similar to what Bowlby calls "exploration," that adult attachment supports work activity just as infant attachment supports exploration, and that the balance between attachment and exploration associated with healthy functioning early in life is, in important respects, similar to the love/work balance that marks healthy functioning in adulthood.Substantial evidence indicates a link between exposure to family violence in childhood and troubled social relationships.We draw on attachment and social-cognitive theory to formulate a model of the mechanisms underlying this association.

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Secure infants in Ainsworth et al.'s studies had mothers who were consistently sensitive and responsive to their signals and so could confidently explore their environment.I believe that this coherent, thought-provoking summary of adult attachment research easily accomplishes their goal' - Contemporary Psychology Attachment theory is one of the most popular perspectives currently influencing research in close relationships - and is important in many other fields since the quality of intimate relationships is a key determinant of subjective well-being.This intriguing volume draws together diverse strands of at is Lecturer in Psychology at the University of Queensland in Brisbane.Researchers and students will find this volume a helpful and generative introduction to adult attachment.

The authors set out to increase interest in adult attachment and encourage research in the field.She has published extensively in the area of marital and family relationships, including attachment relationships., said, "One can live magnificently in this world if one knows how to work and how to love" (Troyat, 1967, p. Freud is purported to have said that the goal of psychotherapy is to allow the patient to love and to work (Erikson, 1963).Overall, the results illustrate the power of a process approach to explaining the developmental sequelae of maltreatment.