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Isaac Phillip Stem and his wife, Lucy Ann Weaks, were the parents of eight children.

The family moved to Robertson County in 1869 and Stem became a farmer and rancher. Stem and Wives." Doing some research all I could find was one website ( that listed two wives.

On the agenda are some cemeteries, a ghost town, an old church, and some historical buildings. This morning started out in Centerville, TX at Hwy 7 and I-45.

Driving westbound on Hwy 7, it wasn't long before I made it to the next county and my first cache (GC3WT26) at the Wesley Chapel Cemetery.

The families also added more modern headstones that are easier to read.

After skipping through the next two counties due to previous finds (remember my goal is to finally get home to see my beautiful wife, otherwise it would take weeks because I'd be stopping at every cache), I entered Coryell County.

The following year, they traveled west by wagon with their young son William and Susan's parents and siblings, settling in Louisiana.

He died in 1893 and was buried here beside his wife. An Eliza Jane Henderson which he married in December 1873 and Catherine Johnson in February 1884.