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Erin took the Praxis exam while violently ill and once commuted three hours to Atlanta to take the GRE on Christmas Eve…

so she knows something about the pathos & pitfalls of standardized testing.

Open Door Education has since helped hundreds of students to navigate the stormy seas of admissions testing and has helped hundreds more to succeed in the classroom and beyond.

Committed to cultivating a love of knowledge, Open Door’s team of exceptional tutors helps each and every student to become more confident and, ultimately, more successful.

One-on-one education has the power to transform a student.

It teaches personal accountability, self-reflection, and the benefits of intentional practice, helping young people to grow as students, but also as young adults who will go into the world armed with the skills and the desire necessary to be lifelong learners, leaders, and teachers.

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Echoing many others who are dedicated education professionals, I truly believe the student-to-teacher ratio could not be more important, so tutoring one-on-one is the ideal situation.

I’ve also come to realize as a tutor that it isn’t enough to merely present the most relevant strategies and tips to a student; it’s critical to present those concepts/strategies in ways that are tailored for each individual student’s retention and use. in Secondary Education at the University of Vermont and is currently working towards his M. at Harvard’s Graduate School of Education, began his teaching career in West Philadelphia, where he became acutely aware of the profound impact of enthusiastic, rigorous tutoring.