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Not in worship alone, but also in culture, laws and customs, Haran closely resembled Ur, and the call of Abraham -- God's command bidding him to seek a new country ( Genesis ) -- was doubtless welcome to one whose purer conception of the Deity made him dissatisfied with his heathen surroundings (cf. While, then, Thare's second son, Nachor, remained in Haran, where he originated the Aramaic settlement, Abraham and Lot went forth, passed Damascus, and reached the goal of their journey.

The settlements which Holy Writ connects with Abraham and Lot need only to be mentioned here.

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As might be expected, their ethnic relation to the Semitic tribes who, together with the Israelites, make up the sub-group of the Terabites, is more definitely known.The history of the Israelites begins with the migration of the kindred tribes mentioned in the above table, in the person of their ancestor, Thare, from Babylonia.The starting-point of this memorable migration was, according to Gen., xi, 28, 31, "Ur of the Chaldees", which has recently been identified with Mugheir ( Muqayyar ; Accadian Uriwa, an important city in ancient days, some six miles (distant from the right bank of the Euphrates, and about 125 miles north-west of the Persian Gulf.In the abstract, these relationships are not exclusive of each other, for there is no reason to suppose that ancient Israel was more homogeneous than any other migratory and conquering people; and in the concrete, both the relationships in question are equally borne witness to in the earliest historical records (cf.