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She's proving time and time again she doesn't need a man by her side and she clearly doesn't give two hoots that Ricky's moved on either.

It's the kind of self-respect every girl should have.

@IBOutlet weak var calendar: JTApple Calendar View!

var events From The Server: [String: Agenda Event] = [:] override func view Did Load() { Did Load() Dispatch After(deadline: .now()) func handle Cell Selection(cell: Calendar Cell, cell State: Cell State) func configuring Cell(cell: Calendar Agenda Cell, index Path: Index Path) // Cell Configuration Functions func configure Cell(cell: JTApple Cell?

Agenda Event has a many to many relation with Agenda Date (agenda Dates).

in my Agenda Date i have an object dates (of type Date).

She seems to be really loving those caped blazers too, wearing one recently from Rare London and now stepping out in this Lavish Alice pick.

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Unfortunately it seems I cannot understand where my mistake is, so even a small pointing in the right direction will be really appreciated! i'm getting my event data from Core data so there's no need to use in the viewdidload the Dispatch After...

I'm using a predicate like so: I'm trying to format dates to have this: "dd MM yyyy" instead of "yyyy MM dd hh:mm:ss" I need to compare in the predicate two dates but without the time? UPDATE----- Here's my function updated as you have suggested: Don't use a custom string format for that purpose.