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28-May-2017 12:43

Alison Mosshart declares her love for her Kills band mate Jamie Hince Let's hope Kate Moss has been staying away from all press whilst in Thailand - she might need another holiday to get over what her boyfriend's band mate has been saying... Speaking to Vogue, Alison Mosshart, who used to date Jamie Hince before he got together with Kate, explained: "Jamie and I are like a ridiculous married couple.

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“But that’s got to be kind of a relief though, right?

We’ve never even done anything than people who are more than friends might do.

Sure, we had intermittent crushes on one another in early high school, but this is difficult to avoid when you’re awkward, pubescent, and someone you’re not repulsed by is being nice to you.

However, Chatterjee also identified that there were a bunch of benefits to cross-sex friendship, and that the idea that men and women can’t be friends is an offshoot of a time when men were at work and women were in the kitchen, so the only possible reason they’d have to meet up was to do it. Aside from how annoying it is to tolerate/respond to/whatever comments about your platonic relationship with a person, all of this hyper-romantic nonsense also unnecessarily problematises friendships between men and women to the point where their very existence is questioned and everything gets a bit unclear.

Of course, some people do lust after their friends under the guise of, well, friendship, but to have this be the presumed motive for any interaction between a male and a female undermines just how amazing and important these relationships can be to us.Having a party under these circumstances is a weird thing to do by most people’s standards, but more predictably in the wake of these particular divorce proceedings, there were calls from fans for a White/Mosshart (White’s bandmate in The Dead Weather) union. It’s pretty much the same logic that has informed speculation about Mosshart and her bandmate in The Kills, Jamie Hince, though this tapered off somewhat when a) she started singing alongside someone slightly more age appropriate, and b) Hince started dating/married a supermodel.And I’m pretty sure that the logic for the two of them entering into a romantic relationship, amongst people who have never met them, goes a little like this: Alison Mosshart is a woman. But this “reasoning” is also pretty similar to the relentless suggestive comments we normal people are subject to when we have a close friend of the opposite/same sex, depending on our sexual orientation.’ I would spend a lot of time singing at him, trying to get him up [from the drums].” It has been a while, however, since the band has actually toured.

Mar 7, 2014. Following the demise of his fleeting romance with Kim Kardashian's younger sister Kendall Jenner, it would appear Harry Styles has reverted back to dating cougars. The 20-year-old One Direction star is believed to be dating Kills frontwoman Alison Mosshart, 35, after they were spotted getting intimate on a.… continue reading »

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Alison Nicole Mosshart born November 23, 1978 is an American singer, songwriter, artist, and the lead vocalist for the indie rock band The Kills and blues rock band The Dead Weather. She started her musical career in 1995 with the Florida punk rock band Discount which disbanded in 2000. She then co-founded The.… continue reading »

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Jul 27, 2011. Alison Mosshart is a woman. Jack White is a man. They are in a band together. It's pretty much the same logic that has informed speculation about Mosshart and her bandmate in The Kills, Jamie Hince, though this tapered off somewhat when a she started singing alongside someone slightly more age.… continue reading »

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Jun 28, 2016. Jamie Hince and Alison Mosshart keep things interesting by writing from different countries him based in London and her in Nashville, Tennessee. When the pair convenes to work on a new album, the writing sessions get intense. Photo by Kenneth Cappello. Kicking back in the mood-lit, mod-plush lobby.… continue reading »

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