Anime dating games like my candy love

11-Jun-2017 03:47

We at GLZ have put together our own list of 10 Choice-Based Interactive Story Games Like Episode Choose Your Story. we’ve technically included games created by Episode Interactive under the Episode franchise banner (e.g.Pretty Little Liars, Demi Lovato: Path to Frame, etc.).Choices: Stories You Play is available for both Android and i Phone devices, receiving very positive reviews form many Episode Choose Your Story fans.You’ll also want to check out other Pixelberry releases, including High School Story and Hollywood U: Rising Stars.A must-play if you’re remotely into choice-driven interactive story games like Episode!Long Story fits in nicely with other interactive story games like Episode Choose Your Story – but with a special emphasis on LGBTQ relationships.Fans of games like Episode will also find Long Story’s cell-shaded characters very appealing.

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You’ll also get to make important decisions right in front of major Paris landmarks, including Notre Dame, Le Louvre, and more.Other interactive story games also by Hanabi Media include: High School Story, Otome Dating Game, Teen Love Choices, and many more!All episodes are available for i Phone and Android devices for free.You’ll make difficult choices in matters of love, dating, friendships, and more.

There are also bullies to deal with and intriguing mysteries to solve, among other things.

Thus, the interactive story games like Episode Choose Your Story on this list Similar to other games like Episode Choose Your Story, Pixelberry’s Choices: Stories You Play gives you the freedom to craft your own story. You’ll thus get to dress them up in cool outfits, change their hairstyles, and so on.

Create your own love story at Sweet Amoris High on My Candy Love, a virtual dating game. In each episode, you can flirt with the boy you like the most in hopes of going on a date at the end of the episode. To reach this goal. And there aren't any games or jobs to give you any money or at least where I have gotten to.… continue reading »

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Games like My Candy Love seem to be gaining popularity especially among girls in their early teens. These titles basically allow young woman to flirt with. The next inclusion in our My Candy Love alternatives list is a life simulation title that's sprinkled with dating sim elements. In Always Remember Me, you're called on to.… continue reading »

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My Candy Love - Press Kit 2013. Dating games are a type of game where the player's main objective is to create and live a love story. Each player can choose the. These Anime styled scripted adventure games give the player the opportunity to flirt with their favorite boy and live a virtual love story. Several of these games.… continue reading »

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