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Women must continue to speak and to support one another in courageously coming forward, but let’s do so in a way that demands restorative justice.Restorative justice demands accountability and institutional restitution from the companies, corporations, and organizations that paid, promoted and harbored harassers.She determines it would have been impossible for Judith to write as her brother William wrote because unlike her brother, Judith’s talent would not have been nurtured.

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" data-reactid="76"This distinction matters because it suggests we may not be in a reckoning but on the precipice of a backlash which is already building momentum.Having survived sexual assault I understand with enduring and agonizing empathy that the harm of sexual violence is personal.The personal accountability of our perpetrators is important. Though the wounds of harassment and assault are typically experienced one individual at time, the causes and consequences are collective.Harassment training is not justice because it pours more resources into men. Truth 3: We Need Rooms of Our Own, author Virginia Woolf engages in a thought experiment imagining what might have happened if William Shakespeare had a sister, Judith.

Woolf wonders if Judith Shakespeare, endowed with all of the same gifts of insight, artistry and intellect, would have left behind a similar body of work as her brother, The Bard.Woolf reasons of Judith’s life - “[S]he was snubbed, slapped, lectured and exhorted.Her mind must have been strained and her vitality lowered by the need of opposing this, of disproving that.The feminist thinker and organizer should always be asking this question: What are we missing? My feminism requires me to seek missing truths even in the rising tide of women’s empowerment buoyed by the courageous efforts of the #Me Too movement and the historic electoral victories of 2017.