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This system was originally established for conversations about computer software programs and world news, but as the idea began growing, so did the conversation topics.

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These 'walls' became a place that you could have open conversations of any sort, and topics of discussion such as online gaming and books reviews were created.A college student in England named Roy Trubshaw created MUD off the ideas of the popular game Dungeons and Dragons in 1978.MUDs had a combination of role-playing games, hack and slash, player vs.9)If you love fizzy drinks, try to gradually cut down by drinking water for half of all your drinks, then eventually one fizzy drink per day, and then one per week.

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Once you start cutting down, your taste buds will change and eventually you won’t need the same sweetness².You’re likely to sip more when using a straw than just sipping water.7)Drink water before and after every meal, it’s a great way to increase water consumption as part of your daily routine. Having a bottle of water in your handbag, car, back-pack and placed beside the bed can increase water consumption; it also enables you to keep a track of how much you’re drinking.If you're a big video game lover, it's very likely that you have heard the term MUD used when discussing old-fashioned games.