Arashi member dating

02-May-2017 00:34

He should have taken advantage of that and just say thank you for your concern and go on with his business.

Saying he'll break up with his girlfriend is doing nothing but encouraging fan entitlement.

:p We know Aiba’s very emotional, if it’s not Sho but Leader today, bet they will hug each other and cry together 😀 Another surprise from Aiba is HANABI (fireworks) ! It gives me encouragement to keep on writing :) If you want more pictures of them, you can join my facebook.

I will post up their recent news mainly on facebook.

After the report was published, netizens quickly tried to discover the woman's identity.

Natsume Suzu was named as the actress Ohno is dating.

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Nino commented how he would greet them by saying, "Oh, you've gotten taller." The Arashi member expressed, "Both members are very tall in stature.

She shouldn't have had to deal with that to begin with.

Arashi fans brand Ohno Satoshi a “traitor” at recent concert due to dating rumors. Arashi member Ohno Satoshi was in a relationship with a woman and it.… continue reading »

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Mar 31, 2015 EXCLUSIVE Arashi Member Announces. the world when the member of the popular Johnny's group Arashi announced via an official. has been dating any.… continue reading »

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Mar 11, 2018 Spreading gossip and rumors of Arashi members. Since two years ago every arashi member has his own. Not only seems he get the “dating.… continue reading »

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The news of Arashi's Ohno Satoshi being in a live-in. This Year in Johnny’s Love Scandals. Ohno Satoshi is not the only Johnny to be discovered to be dating.… continue reading »

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