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disappointed :( I love this drama so much, but there was some missing details like at the end of episode 16 they gave us scene suppose dto be from the previous episode but I didnt watched it at all. I personally loved the last scene and made me happy that they would eventually find happiness in the afterlife (well that was my interpretation lol). And the ending, i prefer happy ending than this bittersweet ending. I dislike sad endings in dramas though I know sometimes it's ridiculous to make it good.likes and dislikes all happened in this or not? Ever since they met the goal was to release her from the curse and keep her alive, but why ?? But the plot at the end is too draggy and makes no sense what so ever. But I don't see where the story of the two gets similar beyond that.

That scene was when Heo Jun and Yeon Hee sitting beside each other talking . This drama actually has a good message for us, people. I just have a little bit dissapointment with the storyline. I am stingy w my tears :'( i know that the 20 ep of the drama are too draggy and some unreasonable plot exist..whatsoever. Rapunzel was confined in the tower because she is a tool being used by her 'mother' to stay young. they have :* *kissed* hehehe : D i dont care of their age gap...

The witch/Rapunzel's pretend-mother did bad things for her own sake while the shamaness in MOTW did so because she wants to take revenge on everyone in Joseon. And lastly, this story was written ages ago by the real life Heo Joon who was really a real life royal physician then. It can drag at some parts, but the ending is so worth it. All of the cast portrayed their characters phenomenally! I had different feelings for Hong Joo, I despised, pitied, loved and hated her.

An amazing tale of true love with an ending that you can't really prepare for. I look forward to seeing her in more dramas or films and, hopefully, they'd also be as great challenging as this. I was expecting it to be tragic but sorrow took me by surprise despite knowing it to be inevitable. It portrays really well how the characters would have acted in the circumstances. Yoon Si-Yoon never fails to impress me with his acting. It feel like I found a new friend with the same taste. The main actor has many expressions and that's something I really loved. But she wasn't evil she was a poor soul and woman who was used as an object. Choi but knew thwy would never be toghether and mr. The last scene when he says he'll accompany her on the fire pire and she just hugged him tighter...i really was in tears. One of my favorite actors is Yoon Si Yoon, and love love some Tiny G she is sassy..

If you like fantasy and historical Sets and fashion Like I do you would enjoy this love story/ fantasy plot last episode make me cry and disappointed at the same time. so I think the writer want it acceptable by viewers. I believe the directors did a great job and the actors as well.

crying a lot because I can feel their loss, happy because at last they meet in their after life. and in this drama, they didn't have too much skinship like lip kissing. I don't like watching historical dramas, but I fully enjoyed this one. Although during the Chosen era when a girl reach puberty she was prime to marry; however, this is 2016 and the actress is a child of 15 years.

Beginning as a huge success lets them make it worse. I thought gayoung looked so much like si kyung and i fell in love w her i searched and she was the main lead in mimi and exo next door wow haha.. Excited to see how the story will turn out oh but i got spoilers in here haha whoa shookt me hahaha. They deserve a happy ending after what they've been through. Yes it was heartbreaking but appropriate considering they decided to stay true to Heojun's history. No one can replace the acting prowess of Siyoon-ssi. this is a must watch show for you who love historical kdrama. ㅠㅠㅠㅠ and come to think of it, all the effort was useless because of that damn sacrifies. It was soo sad, and also because i love dong gu it makes me sad to see what happens to them.. I know not every drama has the happy ending, but this one is just cruel. Just for the sake of the drama lover, to calm our heart. I don't often look historic drama when I look I look abt one or two eposide and I stopped. Errrr and pls make more mystery drama like thisssss....... If you're looking for a genuinely engaging and good supernatural historical drama, check out Arang and the Magistrate. i thought the ending would be a happy ending one, but because of a twist ending, i really can feel, what the meaning of sacrifice for love.

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I'm hoping for a grander effects & stunts for the finale.years difference lol speaking bout asians dont age...very sad thing is that it was really amazing drama but i have no idea why the dragged it out for extra 4 episodes with repeptitive running around the forrest and same mistakes of letting their guard down over and over again, like i seriously dont understand, why they could not wrap it in 16 episodes , heard bout quality over quantity? Sure, you can warp reality or heal your wounds instantly, but never forget that each time you use your power, you come closer and closer to your coffin, and there is nothing that you can do about it.

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