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Guest starring: Tanya Chisholm as Kelly Wainwright, Challen Cates as Mrs. They had their very first photo shoot as Big Time Rush, however, with Gustavo and Kelly doing community service for vandalizing Matthew Mc Conaughey's mailbox, Griffin took over and made them "space matadors with stuffy puppies".

Its official debut episode premiered on January 18, 2010, earning 6.8 million viewers, making it Nickelodeon's highest-rated live-action series debut ever.

Griffin wants the band to record a slow love song, but Gustavo cannot make the song ("Any Kind of Guy") work.

Knight, Erin Sanders as Camille, Matt Riedy as Griffin, Tiana Madry and Tiera Madry as the Simms Twins, Katelyn Tarver as Jo, Stephen Keys as Freight Train, Lorenzo Lamas as Dr. Bitters, Denyse Tontz as Jennifer 1, Spencer Locke as Jennifer 2, Savannah Jayde as Jennifer 3, Barnett O'Hara as Guitar Dude, Obdul Reid as Obdul and Rachel Di Pillo as Rachael Songs Featured: Any Kind Of Guy The boys "mansion sit" for Gustavo when he goes away to check out a new boy band called The Windmills.

When Zevon's security guards are mean to Katie, Mrs.

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Knight gathers Dak's fans and tries to barricade the door to Dak's recording room.

James helps Camille run lines for an audition and they end up kissing!