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DAY 4: VALLE ARENOSO - RIO SALADO (20KM) We pass the Pucará de Quitor, a PRE-Inca fortress and the site of the Spanish Conquest of the Atacameño territory, located at the entrance of the San Pedro river canyon.

We go up the river whose green valley contrasts with the ocher rocks.

Further on, we arrive at the campsite, two steps from the Salado River, where one of the most important petroglyph sites in the region can be admired.

DAY 5: RIO SALADO- SAN PEDRO ( /- 20 KM) After a large esplanade from which the view over the Andes is great, we take a canyon that takes us to Piedra de la Coca, the ceremonial stone of the Atacameños Indians who traveled with their caravans of llamas between the mountains and the ocean.

The landscape is so desolate it is sometimes described as "moon like".

In the heart of this desert is the village of San Pedro, at an altitude of 7,000 feet and surrounded by a green oasis.

This is an expedition ride that covers the big salt flats, the desert, the mountains and valleys. Our trip is a two loop ride that starts and ends in San Pedro de Atacama.Rates include*: Accommodations, all varied meals, wine with dinner during the camping, all camping equipment incl.sleeping bags and insulated mattress, spanish speaking guide 10-day trip: 6 nights camping, 3 night B&B, all meals, 8 riding days 8-day option: 4 nights camping, 3 nights B&B, 6 riding days.This program includes: transfer in and out, the nights in B & B indicated, restaurants in San Pedro indicated, the entrances to the protected sites, camping equipment (tents, sleeping bags and insulating mat) bottled water during the ride and food (Cold for lunch, hot around a campfire for dinner, with wine and appetizer and breakfast). DAY 2: SAN PEDRO - LAGUNA CEJAR ( /- 20 km) It is in the immense desert plain that we will meet. DAY 3: LAGUNA CÉJAR - VALLE LUNÁTICO ( /- 25 KM) After leaving the Salar de Atacama, we will cross to the ayllu de Béter to visit the abandoned village of Béter, from colonial times but later covered by dunes; Now, ruins of ruins in a wild landscape.

This program does not include: an accident insurance, activities outside of those indicated. We will first visit the oasis of San Pedro (or ayllus) and then move away and enter the Salar de Atacama. Suddenly, a turquoise lagoon appears, the Laguna Céjar, surrounded by golden reeds. Possibility to bathe in the lagoon, where a fleet like in the Dead Sea. We will cross the desert to go to the Ayllu de Coyo and picnic under the shade of some old carob trees.DAY 2: SAN PEDRO - GUATÍN ( /- 20 Km.) Departure from San Pedro as at to the oasis of Vilama.The horses go upstream in the river bed, then they turn east. Suddenly, a valley appears, Guatín, small oasis with a little alfalfa, where 3 people live with their large troop of goats.Then, we crossed the large esplanade at the foot of the greater dune, climbed a small dune and we entered a labyrinth of small canyons in the heart of the Cordillera de la Sal, which lead us to a wide ravine, the Kari ravine, dominated by an immense cliff.