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Feeding each other tiny pieces because the cake just crumbled. College represents a window of opportunity to reach the sizeable number of cigarette smokers who are vulnerable to lifelong smoking.This underutilization of typical cessation programs suggests the need for novel and more engaging approaches for reaching college smokers.Prior research has identified several unique barriers to the efficacy of cessation programs among young adults (Backinger, Fagan, Matthews, & Grana, 2003). These tactics include a strong presence of tobacco in bars and at social events and targeted marketing and packaging to appeal to young adults (Ling & Glantz, 2002; Sepe, Ling, & Glantz, 2002).We used a 4-arm, randomized design to examine the efficacy of a Web-based, experiential smoking intervention (Web-Smoke).The control conditions included a didactic smoking intervention (Didactic), a group-based experiential intervention (Group), and a Web-based nutrition experiential intervention (Web-Nutrition). Primary outcomes were motivation to quit, assessed immediately postintervention, and smoking abstinence at 1 and 6 months following the intervention.Given the high smoking prevalence among young adults, improvements in secondary prevention efforts (i.e., treatment of early-stage tobacco use and dependence) are essential, yet college student smoking cessation programs are poorly utilized (Wechsler, Kelley, Seibring, Kuo, & Rigotti, 2001).

At 6-month follow-up, the Web-Smoke intervention produced higher rates of smoking cessation than the Web-Nutrition control intervention. Among daily smokers, the Web-Smoke intervention produced greater abstinence rates than both the Web-Nutrition and Didactic control conditions.Walking in to the reception to "Party like a Rockstar" I feel like I have done this post already. We had yummy bbq chicken, vegetarian lasagna, linguine with marinara, mashed potatoes, Cesar salad, rolls, veggies, yum! Matron of Honor (aka cousin of me) making her toast. The aim of the present study was to extend the recent research on college student smoking by creating and testing a novel intervention strategy that is designed to utilize an experiential/active learning approach and is rooted in the principles of the social psychological theory of cognitive dissonance.

Interactive, experiential learning techniques have received considerable empirical support (Williams & Chinn, 2009), as experiential (or active) learning is more likely to produce lasting changes in attitudes and behavior than traditional didactic instruction (Miller, Wozniak, Rust, Miller, & Slezak, 1996; Onion & Bartzokas, 1998; Viswesvaran & Schmidt, 1992).

One-month post-intervention, participants in the Exp-Smoke and Standard condition continued to report higher intentions to quit smoking than those in the Exp-Nutrition condition.

Some Cal State San Marcos students are preparing to participate and show their support in different ways on May L Jose Cruz, an immigrant from Mexico. S andoval M artha E lena S arabia A m y R enee S auer M alia K atharine S cafe J oseph D S cavello N atalie A manda S chaefer L ibby R enae S chellenberg Ira E.… continue reading »

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