Auto backdating bank cash contract dealerships fraud rebate

15-Feb-2017 04:17

But even with this offset for use, the dealership was facing millions of dollars in refund costs.

The case settled before any repurchase determinations were made.

The longer a car collects dust, the more cash a savvy negotiator can save.

Dealer incentives are subject to local and regional variables.

Most dealerships see holdback as something that they're entitled to.'s Editorial department is your source for automotive news and reviews.

Dealer incentives are factory-to-dealer incentives that reduce the dealer's true cost to buy the vehicle from the factory.

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For instance, an incentive may kick in when a certain sales target is reached, with each subsequent sale resulting in a higher factory-to-dealer rebate.Related: Buying Advice Remember, dealers pay to keep vehicle inventory in stock.So even if an incentive isn't attached to a particular model, dealers are more likely to be flexible on pricing for a vehicle that's been on their lot for two months or more.If a dealership is nearing a sales target, they may be more inclined to give you a good price on a new car in order to reach their goal.