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Moreover, in contrast to the traditional -- where the middlemen pays after as much as three month's delay -- the farmer is paid directly and instantly by ITC.

"The biggest contribution of this concept is that using ICT, e-Choupal brought price discovery to the farmer," said Sivakumar.

"The company is now pushing farmers to adopt organic farming with maximum efficiency in terms of use of water, fuel and power, as well as reducing of greenhouse gas emissions," says Sivakumar.Each e-Choupal costs between US,000 and ,000 to set up, which is usually borne by ITC, while the 0 yearly running cost is borne by the Sanchalak.For this, the Sanchalak's return is a commission for all e-Choupal transactions and the social recognition.Yet each day, Ajay Singh, a farmer living in Baseri, scours the "world of earnings" (Rozgar Duniya) jobs-for-youth website, and sends mobile alerts to young villagers, who then come to his Internet kiosk to apply.

"Once selected," said Singh, "they get a call letter alert also on their mobile; this is of great help since the candidates don't have to continuously check the website."Started in 2000 e-Choupal is a rural networking initiative of ITC Ltd., a large business conglomerate in India.The intermediaries were, in fact, the biggest concern of the archaic supply chain of the country's agricultural sector because they often deprived farmers of correct market prices in order to get a bigger margin for themselves."This system still exists in many parts of the country which is one reason why Indian farmers continue to live below the poverty line," said Sivakumar.e-Choupal begins with a computer, typically housed in the residence of the farmer who has agreed to become a host and is called a Sanchalak, The computer is linked to the Internet via phone lines or, increasingly, by a VSAT connection, and serves an average of 600 farmers in 10 surrounding villages within about a five-kilometer radius.1 3)Prathmik Vidyalaya Beech Ke Sath Laga Paschim Ka Kamra Barla 4)Sarasvati Sadan Junior High School Uttari Bhag Se Mila Howa Kamra Rohana Khurd 5)Prathmik Vidyalaya Kamra No.