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Derived from the Hindi word "Choupal," which literally means "rural meeting place," e-Choupal provides computers with Internet access in rural areas to directly link the farmers with the company for sourcing farm produce and providing farmers up-to-date agricultural information."It was created on the basis of a market-based business model where the farmer did not need to pay for accessing information and knowledge," said S.Sivakumar, ICT's chief executive of agribusinesses, who crafted the e-Choupal concept.e-Choupal was conceived to tackle the challenges posed by the unique features of Indian agriculture, characterized by fragmented farms, weak infrastructure and the involvement of numerous intermediaries.But Version 3 has gone beyond just helping rural India to reduce its pressure on land."e-Choupal's next goal is to try and insulate Indian farmers from the country's still government-supported farm sector," says Sivakumar.The intermediaries were, in fact, the biggest concern of the archaic supply chain of the country's agricultural sector because they often deprived farmers of correct market prices in order to get a bigger margin for themselves."This system still exists in many parts of the country which is one reason why Indian farmers continue to live below the poverty line," said Sivakumar.e-Choupal begins with a computer, typically housed in the residence of the farmer who has agreed to become a host and is called a Sanchalak, The computer is linked to the Internet via phone lines or, increasingly, by a VSAT connection, and serves an average of 600 farmers in 10 surrounding villages within about a five-kilometer radius.

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"Following full implementation of Version 3 (expected within a year), e-Choupal is expected to reach to 16 million more farmers within its existing network," says Sivakumar.

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