Battlefield 2 score not updating

11-Feb-2017 00:06

A table containing this information and more is available here Rank Requirements and Weapon Unlocks Below is a breakdown of the Global score necessary to achieve a rank and whether a weapon unlock will become available.* Also requires Awards: Basic Knife Combat Badge, Basic Pistol Combat Badge, Basic Assault Combat Badge, Basic Anti-tank Combat Badge, Basic Sniper Combat Badge, Basic Spec Ops Combat Badge, Basic Support Combat Badge, Basic Engineer Combat Badge, Basic Medic Combat Badge** �Also requires Awards: Basic Armor Badge, Basic Transport Badge, Basic Helicopter Badge, Basic Aviator Badge, Basic Air Defense Badge, Basic Ground Defense Badge File downloads – Patches, Demos, Movies, Screenshots, etc…I think the best collection of these can all be found on this single page at 3D Gamers It was only a matter of time before someone created a Battlefield 2 Wiki.So I thought I’d create a quick little repository of all the info I’ve found thus far.Note: I will continually update this page as I come across more information so bookmark it and visit often.The entire team dies, the field upgrade dies as well meaning you have to start from the beginning . So we're still wondering how this bar actually works.The way it actually works (or is intended to at least) is that when you receive the field score lost message, it resets you to your most recently unlocked [email protected]_REGRETSII Yes, @Morning Time Cloud is 100% correct. I'm experiencing the same problems with my Platoon we haven't received any squad points since 4 days ago the squad is active we have players playing every night I do not know why it is not working but I want to solve this problem as quickly as possible where platoon that actually cares about our squad points need help.Just to add I checked and your platoon has no time played with two players set as active in the same server. We had 12 hours alone on saturday as a squad of 5 running VNG tags as well as set to active the clan has been active for over a months with a min of 2 of us palying at a time in the same squad, The reason there is no reports is because the battelog is not registering us playing as a squad @Morning Time Cloud @Tapou Tony420Well aware of this im the admin of a platoon with over 80 members and have had no problem until creating this new platoon. Talk to EA just a few days ago about some squad members playing on Hardline with our tags and emblem they said this could be the problem so we to action to kick in ban these people form using our emblem and tag on hardline thinking this would fix the problem. But I thanks for reporting to EA let me know what they say.

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You must be the driver of the vehicle except in the case of ground defense and air defense which are mounted on the ground.

Best First Weapon to Unlock After reading posts on many forums, the overall concensus appears to be either the Spec Ops or Medic kit If you want evidence of this it can be found at the Total BF2 Forums here Remove intro demo movies This will allow you to automatically bypass all intro movies and take you directly into the game.

I got a score about 2 hours ago that has not posted. Help!… continue reading »

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Battlelog is a free social platform that ties into Battlefield 4 and Battlefield 3 and. on level 2 of a field upgrade score. to the GUI not updating.… continue reading »

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Battlefield 4 Platoon scores not updating . the reason there are no battle reports is beacuse its not saving at all thus not boosting our score / kd / skill… continue reading »

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