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The contemporary look of Throckmorton and Bluemont halls contrasted with the surroun- ding traditional look of limestone. "This is my fourth year with the team and I've seen quite a bit of improvement." During spring break the team made a trip to Austin, Texas, for a week of rowing practice which had become a tradition, as well as a necessi- ty.There was also the construction of Durland Phase II and the renova- tion of the interior of Farrell Library. It enabled the team to establish some rhythm together before the season started.The university had to deal with state budget cuts while students had to face federal loan and grant cutbacks. "Spring is a long way off, and much will depend on grades to see who makes the team." Soon after crew got back from Austin, Texas, they headed to Nebraska for the first race of the year, but it was cancelled due to a snow storm.At the Lan- don Lecture, President Reagan compared the government's budget trimming to a girl's vir- tue explaining that "we have to learn to say no." Students had to say no to many things that may have previously been taken for granted. Cress, Lea Ann Jamison, Kathy Mc Carthy, Norma Saisman, Marv Hou. At Shawnee Mission Park in Kansas City the team rowed against KU.The 58th Landon Lecture featured a presidential visit by Ronald Reagan, which provided a rare educational opportunity. Varsity members practiced in the early morning, while novice members practiced in the afternoon.

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Even with all the changes, life at K-State remained rich with memories characteristic to college life but unique to the individual. "It is a serious sport for the serious athlete," Patten said.But this year, more than ever, the stu- A sellout crowd and a nat ionai television au- dent and the university were redefining their roles. The benefits were many: physical fitness, development of team work, concentration, rhythm and a lot of fresh air.Al- dience of 22 million watched as K-state defeated though the basic underlying pattern remained, providing strength and X^o^b^e^^u^dtm^Te Lpot^ security, significant changes occurred and the university took on a new lighting for the evening cost ,000. A look around was all that was needed to see the effect of redefini- tion on the campus' outward ap- pearance. "Over the years, crew has been moving steadily up a staircase, from motivation and from the rowing ablity of the oarsmen," said Russ Mc- Callian, crew president and junior in political science.The typical pattern of the four-year student is becoming the exception rather than the rule and the assurance of a guaranteed job after graduation is rapidly fading. The struggle for the American dream grew increasingly more dif- ficult and the university as a whole had to cope with the changes. STUDENT DIETETICS ASSOCIATION FRONT ROW: Colleen M. These funds were earmark- ed for fuel for the motorboats, repairs and oarsleeves.