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27-Nov-2017 08:31

I adore the small but wide brush applicator as it gives a neat finish with every use.I have travelled with a carton full of nail lacquers earlier as well which explains why these are not only cute but quite sturdy and durable also.This is by far my most loved and used color from this collection, considering I don’t own such milky matte greens and that it pairs well with most of my black, white and even floral outfits.

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Considering this is a soft muted pink color I think it may or may not work on a variety of skin tones.It has a bit watery and thin consistency, which implies that at least 2-3 swipes are required for a smooth and even-toned finish and full color payoff.Still, I love this one for it never appears streaky or patchy on my nails; in fact, it does not look cakey or flaky even with multiple swipes, considering I add 3 layers for an intense color payoff and glossy finish.This one also has a little thin consistency and is a little translucent.