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31-Jan-2018 11:06

“If people are being demonized for their views and having a hard time on their dates, we wanted to take that whole part of it out,” founder David Goss told the New York Daily News. ” promises to help Americans “find the perfect Canadian partner to save them from the horror of a Trump presidency,” according to its website.Partisan antipathy reached new heights leading to Trump’s election.The couple –who had fallen in love at first sight, spent seven years together, broken up and then re-connected — went their separate ways shortly after Inauguration Day.The Trump era’s effect on romance is something Spira, a dating expert, has seen in her professional capacity.Naturally it’s spilled over into the dating world,” said Jonathan Alpert, a Manhattan-based psychotherapist and author of a Huffington Post column on how to keep politics from ruining your relationship.“(Trump) is a word that just brings out so many emotions in people,” he said. And just for the record: He still remembers you — even now, when he's a standup comedy star, even now when he's making tens of millions of dollars eye-poking Rush Limbaugh, lampooning Fox News pundits and shaping American political thought on his HBO show, "Real Time." Look, the guy is huge. As far as being a mom, you can do that in your bathrobe. You have to get out of bed, in the cold, get the car started, and get out the door at 7 a.m. Now, we're not saying you blew it, but if you get a message from him sometime, say "hi" back. The guy can get President Obama on the phone like that. "I often hear from people, 'Boy, Fox is (giving you a hard time) this week,' " Maher said. ' And then I hear what it was, and I think, 'This is what they're fired up about? All I was saying was that getting out of the house is different.

He was trying to fit in, like every high school kid, and he had a girlfriend — that bulletproof vest for the male ego against the social ammunition of the painful teen years. "Raising kids is tough, but you can tell them to 'Shut the (heck) up, I'm going to watch this soap opera. In a 25-minute interview, Maher touched on several Jersey topics, like the governor ("He's great for material. I'm going to look in my files and see how bad it was.

He's got so much money he just gave a million bucks to the president's super PAC. "I think, 'Maybe I should get on Facebook and find her.' "That is the one person I am curious about. First, you don't ever picture that it could ever end, and then when it does, you never really get over it." Being the home state paper, stocked with investigative reporters, we offered to dig a little, locate that lost love — discreetly, of course. well, since Maher said something the previous week. I get it, that being a mother is one of the hardest jobs in the world.

I've thought of that many times," Maher said in a recent phone interview with The Star-Ledger. Limbaugh, meanwhile, hasn't been this worked up since ...

There are even dating sites catering to Trump supporters or haters.

“Making Dating Great Again” is the motto of, which seeks to connect supporters of America’s 45th president.The influence of the #Me Too movement, which calls attention to sexual harassment and assault, cannot be ignored, Spira said.For many women, Trump — who was recorded boasting about groping women and employed a White House aide who recently resigned after allegations surfaced that he beat two former wives — represents everything misogynistic about modern culture.“We all just want human connection, especially during difficult times.” Many singles with strong feelings on politics are up front about it on their online profiles.

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