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11-Mar-2017 01:41

That may be the true lesson of the birds and the bees.

Scientists who use bees as research subjects have an interest in keeping their hives healthy.

Retired but still active, Bitterman continues to collaborate with Couvillon, his former graduate student.

The scientists retraced Ivan Pavlov’s work on conditioned reflexes with an apian twist.

The challenge with invertebrates is to find test subjects that have good sensory capabilities to distinguish rewards, an observable behavior to indicate their response and motivation for participating in the first place.

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Peppered with humorous color illustrations, the guide includes six true dating “bitter stories” making it a perfect conversation starter for a heated debate between the sexes.

This time around Christopher is using his expertise to help out the ladies.

The Bitter Woman’s Guide to Dating gives women a unique insight into 78 different types of guys on the dating scene from the perspective of a man who has seen and heard it all.

The Guide also includes Bitter Woman’s Homework Page to help the ladies figure out which kind of guys they are dating, and if it’s time to kick him to the curb. “If you spot incompatibility early, you might save yourself years of extra bitterness.” The Bitter Woman’s Guide to Dating along with The Bitterman’s Guide to Dating is available for purchase at numerous retailers throughout Central Florida such as Urban Think in downtown Orlando.

“Many women don’t have a clue that they’re dating a guy that’s completely incompatible with them,” says Christopher (a.k.a. To order your copy or to read a bitter excerpt, visit

Older, more experienced bees make, well, a beeline to the disks, where they complete tests requiring discrimination and memory—should they choose the yellow disk or blue? One thing is clear to the scientists patiently documenting the bees’ behavior on initial and subsequent visits: bees quickly learn to make the right choices.

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