Boyfriend still has online dating profile up tubely dating site

21-Jan-2018 00:09

I recently went out of country for 3 weeks an now I feel like what if he met up with someone while I was gone?

My feeling is that it shows that maybe I don't mean so much to him and am not as important to him as he is to me.

He has called me his girlfriend, starting about 2 months ago and other than this, everything has been absolutely perfect.

I never had any reason not to trust him until my friend came out and told me this. I have searched online and found people with similar problems.

She took the chance to also tell me that she noticed that he logged on every day.

One of the times it looks likei was even there when he checked it. Anyway, I deactivated my profile about 2 months in, but we never discussed deleting them.

I did start dating him from meeting on this site, but we knew eachother in real life beforehand as acquaintances for about 4 years.

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