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They are grouped by studies of: 1) cell survival, 2) marker expression, 3) functionality, and 4) miscellaneous studies that do not quite fit into the first 3 categories.I’ve ordered the data roughly chronologically and have included the first author’s name and publication year so you can read deeper, if needed.

Until very recently, only neurons born at one specific time point could be identified in each experimental animal.Many people have taken advantage of this, using these different proteins as markers that identify a new cell as a neuron vs.a glial cell or, more specifically, an immature neuron vs. By simultaneously visualizing (via immunohistochemistry) both the birthdating marker (e.g.The previous timecourses are all well and good but sheer numbers of cells say nothing about whether the new neurons actually work.

And markers like DCX or Neu N may give a general hint at the maturity of a neuron but not much more. A direct measure of function would be whether a new neuron has electrophysiological properties that enable it to process information (e.g. Less direct signs of function can be inferred from the morphology of a new neuron and whether a new neuron is capable of expressing activity-dependent immediate early genes.

Where are they born and where do they end up, anatomically?

Birth dating neurons with bromodeoxyuridine BrdU labeling is an established method widely employed by neurobiologists to study cell proliferation in embryonic, postnatal, and adult brain. Birth dating studies in the chick dorsal telencephalon and the mammalian striatum have suggested that these structures develop in a.… continue reading »

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However, one of the first studies reporting the use of dual birthdate labeling in the brain used BrdU and IdU in human patients Hoshino et al. 1992. The authors injected brain tumors patients with BrdU, followed 5 h later by IdU. The percentage of BrdU+ cells was used to establish the S phase fraction, while the IdU/BrdU.… continue reading »

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