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They make a big, bold statement, but they look timeless because of the classic color combo.""I decided not to put the rug parallel to the wall of windows in this room. If you tilt your rug, skew your furniture, too, so everything is squared. My boyfriend doesn't like it, but I think it's fabulous.

This striped rug is IKEA, and I bought it for about 0. Some designers say you should scale your wallpaper to the size of your room, but I don't agree.

You're working on Color Splash as well as the new show HGTV'd, and you're also a mentor on Design Star.

Where do you get the energy to do so much and still manage to give back to the community? [Laughs] It's probably just the result of such great things happening all around.

' I had the honor of appearing in an HIV educational video with Janssen Therapeutics, and that's where we linked up.

It was a nice transition from doing the video and talking about something I was very passionate about to doing something I'm very passionate about.

Because there are so many amazing things in my life, I felt the need to reach out and do this.

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It was shiny white, so I sprayed it with flat white paint to make it look like porcelain. I don't sleep more than three hours at a time — I usually wake up for an hour, then go back to bed for a few.""I saw it in a pet store and said, 'I have to have this pillow and it's going on my bed.' If I'm unhappy, I look for pieces to bring up my mood.

At night, with it on, the whole place glows.""The ceilings in this room are low, not even eight feet.