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With moments missed, a higher rate of out of focus shots and files I struggled to work with, I sold the 58 f/1.2, and the X-T2 with 23mm f/1.4 were relegated to solely my family camera.

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He was then replaced by Wilson Pickett, who took over as lead in 1960.

Until 2016, I had photographed weddings using nothing but Nikon cameras.

First the D90, then D700, D3s, D4 and then the D4s (while dabbling with the D800, D810, and D750 in-between).

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He was an official photographer at the London Olympic Games. It missed focus more than I realized while shooting, and the EVF, although good to see the live exposure, wasn’t the best quality and I preferred an optical viewfinder.The quality of the files was okay, but Lightroom seems to hate Fuji raw files and I never found a clean method of giving them the David Stubbs Photography look I give to all my images.The dream of using a Fuji X-T2 was real, but in reality, it just didn’t perform well enough for them and went back to their original systems.

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