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08-Nov-2017 13:35

These devices don't get security updates like our more expensive computers, and many don't even have a way to be patched.

And, unlike our computers and phones, they stay around for years and decades.

The details would need to be carefully scoped, but either of these options would raise the cost of insecurity and give companies incentives to spend money making their devices secure. But the main costs in making software come from development.

It's true that this is a domestic solution to an international problem and that there's no U. regulation that will affect, say, an Asian-made product sold in South America, even though that product could still be used to take down U. If the United States and perhaps a few other major markets implement strong Internet-security regulations on Io T devices, manufacturers will be forced to upgrade their security if they want to sell to those markets.

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(Open WRT, Cyanogen Mod, GNU/Linux, etc) • November 10, 2016 AM @Conan There are probably less than 5% owners who modify their devices, 95% of them just use them as intended.Security researchers have demonstrated the ability to remotely take control of Internet-enabled cars. A fatal Io T disaster will similarly spur our government into action, and it's unlikely to be well-considered and thoughtful action.They've demonstrated ransomware against home thermostats and exposed vulnerabilities in implanted medical devices. In one recent paper, researchers showed how a vulnerability in smart light bulbs could be used to start a chain reaction, resulting in them all being controlled by the attackers ­— that's every one in a city. Our choice isn't between government involvement and no government involvement.An additional market failure illustrated by the Dyn attack is that neither the seller nor the buyer of those devices cares about fixing the vulnerability. They wanted a webcam —­ or thermostat, or refrigerator ­— with nice features at a good price.

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