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The Su-30SM fighter is the latest modification of the Russian-made generation 4 multipurpose heavy fighter jet Su-30.The new plane is supermaneuverable and features a radar with a phased antenna array, engines with a controlled thrust vector and canard surfaces.For example, the embedder could specify the iframe tag as: Note that pages should only do this for iframes that have a legitimate need to use EME.For example, due to site design involving sub-origins or because the player is hosted on a different origin.Cross-origin EME Starting from Chrome M64 (due January 2018), by default EME usage is disabled in cross-origin iframes: request Media Key System Access() will always return a rejected promise.

Performance or load testing must be executed on our production systems only.

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Chrome 59 (and later) includes support for Verified Media Path (VMP).

Widevine has three different cloud services - UAT, Staging and Production.

Moving forward, we recommend that partners use the appropriate environment to validate any new changes coming to the production environment.

We recently announced Widevine CAS for the Android TV platform using the same business model as any other Widevine product.