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Postal vote ballot were sent out to Australian households on September 12, with voters given until November 7 to return them.Jonathan Higbee of Instinct magazine penned a blog post for the publication in which he says ‘You would think that someone as involved in the dating scene as Bravo reality star Stanger would have experienced a personal evolution on the existence of bisexuals.’The network was forced to issue an apology for Ms Stanger's comments, telling The Hollywood Reporter ‘her comments are not representative of the network’s beliefs and opinions.Whenever you being to suspect you’re trans, or whenever you decide to explore gender, it’s OK. It doesn’t make you any less a person nor any less trans. Transsexual is specifically an individual who is cross-sex identified, typically fits within the gender binary, and wants to go through full transition including genital surgery. First, know that you don’t necessarily need to see an endocrinologist.If a health care provider or therapist says you should like and do stereotypical things, that’s a red flag. Transgender includes non-binary identified people and people who do not want to do a full transition. A family doctor or internist can deliver all the same care!

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That means hormone therapy and surgery can be covered by insurance. That support can be a group, a therapist, a good friend, whatever is meaningful for you. Transition can be broken down into three categories: Medical, social and legal. A local organization can sometimes help, if they exist. A search engine can help you find physicians and lawyers. If you are a minor, things get complicated even with parental support. Even if the closest center is on the other side of the state, it’s worth asking if they know of anything in your area. It’s also used more in countries other than the US.Where Islamic polygamy is allowed, women are not allowed multiple husbands.Under Islamic law, a man can divorce a woman by saying 'I divorce you' three times but a woman does not have this same privilege.Yes, you can be trans even if you didn’t think about it as a child. Yet others strongly prefer the term transsexual, as they feel their gender dysphoria is strictly a medical issue.

This is not your average transgender 101. I will not go over the basics of what transgender is. This is a transgender 101 for transgender people!… continue reading »

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