Compiz title bar not updating

10-Oct-2017 11:58

Even if the system was updating while installing (that was an option you had during the install), there are probably still some things that need updating.

If you have not done so yet, type or copy/paste this into the terminal (shift-ctrl-v to paste in a terminal) and hit enter: You will be asked for your password.

There is one other thing you might want to know so the rest of this makes sense.

Software, applications, apps (three words for the same thing) typically come in “packages.” A package is a bunch of stuff that includes information on what needs to be installed to make a piece of software work, what needs to be done to let the system know it is there, etc.

It looks slick, but is slow and clunky and frustrating.

There is a system that works better (it is more responsive) but harder to use (because it does not hold your hand much) called synaptic. You may have already placed an icon for the terminal on the Task Panel; if so, click that.

Installing off a major repository like this means no viruses, malware, “freeware” or other junk will get onto your computer.Check out: UBUNTU AND LINUX BOOKS BOOKS ON COMPUTER PROGRAMMING AND COMPUTERS But generally, the smoothest, quickest, easiest way to install most software from the repositories that your computer is aware of is with the command line, using the command “sudo apt-get install bla-bla-bla.” As shown below many times. If not, hit the “super” key (the Key Formerly Known as the Windows Key) to bring up the Unity dash.Then, type in “terminal” and choose the icon for the terminal program.there were in fact packages on your installation DVD but that’s the last time you’ll probably use DVD or USB stick based packages.) Your computer, after installation, is set up to know about certain repositories.

This is the great advantage of using Ubuntu or many of the other major distributions.Chances are that when you do this after install, almost nothing will happen because little or no software will be ready for an upgrade.When all the gobbledygook is done in the terminal, type in: The dist-upgrade command will, in short, do a more thorough job of updating the things that are installed on your sy stem (it does not upgrade you to a new distribution, it just updates the software with more awareness of what the distribution specifies in terms of packages and interrelations between packages). What you need to know is that “apt-get update” is quick and useful, and “apt-get dist-upgrade” will take much longer to run, but do a much better job of updating things and cleaning up after itself, and should be done now and then. This will allow you easier access to some software.Type it in and hit “enter.” If you are asked a question with a “Y/n” answer, type in “y” and otherwise follow any obvious instructions.

If you are using bash, add to $HOME/.bashrc of your server the next line export PROMPT_COMMAND="printf \"\0330;%[email protected]%s%s\007\" \"${USER}\" \"${HOSTNAME%%.*}\" \"${PWD/#$HOME/~}\"".… continue reading »

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Oct 19, 2017. Join the Mutiny! After six months of tireless work we present Ubuntu MATE 17.10, by far the best release we've ever produced. I'd like to extended my sincere thanks to everyone who has contributed to this fine release. The development theme for Ubuntu MATE 17.10 has been delivering several different.… continue reading »

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Computer and after installing an update yesterday from System Update the titlebar to my windows has disappeared after a restart. I can't move or resize windows, Firefox, System Preference windows, you name it they just start at the top left of my screen, no titlebar and any attempts at resizing don't work.… continue reading »

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Dec 3, 2012. I backed up bookmarks then reset firefox In help trouble shooting everything was OK for awhile the title bar was there Then out of the blue the title bar disappeared again but I could still pull the window with the title on it I could not pull it down before. Now it's back to the same problem no title bar.… continue reading »

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Jun 23, 2016. Note that in Linux, unless you change it, to paste into a terminal you hit shift-control-v, not just control-v. The dist-upgrade command will, in short, do a more thorough job of updating the things that are installed on your sy stem it does not upgrade you to a new distribution. Check 'In the window's title bar'… continue reading »

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