Confessions of a cougar dating younger men

15-May-2017 04:03

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The whole, ' Oh, she won’t notice/mind if I just stick it in.' If I mention the C-word, it’s treated with the repulsion of a non-fish-eater finding an anchovy on their pizza; I’ve had guys beg and plead.

Take the ' But I’ll lose my erection' line – I think, if a guy 15 years older than you can stay hard, you’ll likely be fine.” Andrea, 33, with early 20-somethings.

It was funny – though less so when my supermarket bills tripled with him in my life.” Sarah, now 35 “My younger boyfriend gets frustrated if I’m not in the mood, or if we have to wait longer than a week.

He’s used to watching naked women on-demand who are always ready to go – it makes him less familiar with normal human women who might be tired or feel bloated or prefer to do it in the morning.” Chloe, 35, with a 27-year-old. Elsewhere, it’s much harder: he wants to go on three-day drugs benders when I want to go for a nice dinner.

“I’m in my late forties, and knowing I can make a man in his twenties aroused and desperate to pleasure me is the most incredible feeling.

Unlike when I was younger, when you get past a certain age you aren’t thinking about a future.

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You can purchase "Confessions of a Reformed Cougar" in e-book and paperback format.

When she is creating, she isn’t a love-starved, abused housewife. She also spends a great deal of time at art festivals, museums or art galleries. She exudes class and sophistication but she has a mouth like a drunken sailor or better yet, a marine drill sergeant.