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The syslog server can be any software that supports receiving syslogs, for example Kiwi syslog. For example you might have Siren for Servers and Siren for Printers and one of them would repeat 3 times and the other would only run during daytime 32 . at what intervals and at what specific status changes. Add a new logging action, with "remote" and the IP of the remote server. Sound files can be uploaded and chosen here Group . which is a scripting language of the same kind that is used in the Dude Functions. Note: a MIB file is that it's a kind of dictionary or code book that is used to assemble and interpret SNMP messages. script Log entries generated from scripts sertcp Log messages related to facility responsible for "/ports remote-access" simulator state and routing state messages. Saves information to local Event log Log to Syslog . Run command on the local Windows machine (where Dude viewer runs). Will query specified OID and service will be up.) Access . User translations • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Albanian [1] for v3 beta7 Arabic [2] for v3 beta 7 Bulgarian [3] for 3.0beta6 Chinese(Simplified) [4] for v3 beta 5 Chinese(Traditional) [5] for v3 beta 5 Croatian (Hrvatski) [6] for v3 beta 7 Czech all [7] for all versions - from v2.1 to v3.0beta7 Czech [8] for v3 beta 1 Czech improved [9] for v2.1 and v2.2 Danish [10] for v3 beta 7 Danish [11] for v4 beta 3 Dutch/Belgium [12] for 3.0beta6 French [13] for 3.0beta7 French [14] for 4.0beta3 German [15] for v3.0beta7 German [16] for v3.6 Hungarian [17] for v3 beta 7 Indonesian [18] for v3 beta 7 Iran (Persian) [19] for v3.x Italian [20] for v3 beta 6 Latvian [21] for v3 beta 6 Macedonian [22] for v2.2 Macedonian [23] for v3 beta 6 Norwegian [24] for v3 beta 7, a work in progress • Polish [25] for v3 beta 5 • Portugues BR [26] para v2.1 e v2.2 • Portugues BR [27] para v3.0 beta 8 56 mikrotik.2 Russian [31] for v3 beta 5 Polish [32] for v3 beta 6 Serbian [33] for v3 beta 7 Serbian [34] for v3. store Log entries generated by facility smb Messages related to the file sharing system snmp Messages related to configuration system Generic system messages telephony Obsolete! Manual: The Dude/Notifications Manual: The Dude/Notifications The Notifications pane configures any actions that can be taken when a device status changes. Previously used by the IP telephony package tftp server generated messages timer Log messages that are related to timers used in Router OS. The predefined Notifications are the following: • • • • • Beep . Uses Windows speach ability to say the message in a computerised voice • Log .

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# Now we will add few topics that we want to be stored in syslog /system logging add action=remote topics=critical add action=remote topics=error add action=remote topics=info add action=remote topics=warning [Note: is Linux syslog server ip, Change this ip to match your remote syslog server ip. Image of the graph can be exported to raster image file. They are especially useful if you want to monitor devices within different could have a Dude server monitoring your office computers. Manual: The Dude/Agents Manual: The Dude/Agents Agents are other Dude servers that can be used as intermediaries for device monitoring. you will be able to see the same many log files shoud the Dude keep before removing old ones • Buffered entries . the logs will appear in the logfile called "Syslog". The Syslog works very well with the Router OS Remote logging ability. This can be changed The syslog also allows you to use the standard Dude Notifications for specific incoming logs. The Dude has a built-in standard syslog server, which can be turned on in the Syslog tab. by default accessible over HTTP on TCP port 80 • Port . except the following options: • Antialised Geometry . It is also possible to change from the default 514 port, to some other TCP port. The following options are changable: • Port of the running web of the secure https interface • Allowed networks . After how much inactivity the Dude will consider the session to be ended. Might need to change if something else is running on port 80. but icons and links appear more smooth and look better. Start the Dude after you copy the strings into the program folder. mme routing protocol messages mpls messages ntp client generated log entries ospf routing protocol messages ovpn tunnel messages pim related messages ppp ppp facility messages pppoe server/client related messages pptp server/client related messages radius Log entries generated by radvd IPv6 radv deamon log messages. Can send and wait for specific responses Recommended resources • Mikro Tik Forum probe thread [1] has some very good examples and discussion References [1] / forum. To change this to another language, simply change the second word.

read SMS tool messages rip routing protocol messages route Routing facility log entries rsvp generated messages. Example in German: ' Color' ' Farbe' ' Command' ' Befehl' Then, save the file and Dude will load it on next program start.

debug Debug log entries error Error messages info Informative log entry packet Log entry that shows contents from received/sent packet raw Log entry that shows raw contents of received/sent packet warning Warning message. First Address] )) && IF EXIST \dude\tools start %USERNAME%@[Device.

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Syslog tab. It is also possible to change from the default 514 port, to some other TCPport. The Syslog works very well with the RouterOS ability.… continue reading »

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Most people in closed allocation systems fear the increased responsibility of an opensystem, even if they’d excel in it. Lots of other reasons.… continue reading »

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