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Incentives offered for businesses in the state-designated opportunity zone, such as a ,500 per job tax credit, are also a bonus for business owners.

These perks may contribute to the high concentration of businesses in Norcross, which has about 30 businesses per 100 residents.

Companies in Jesup can take advantage of state and county programs to start and expand their businesses.

The Small Business Development Center at the University of West Georgia in Carrollton offers free consulting services to area companies, and the Burson Center, a business incubator in Carrollton, helps startups get off the ground.

The average revenue per business is ,277,773, which is among the highest of the cities Nerd Wallet analyzed.

Cumming is one of the smallest cities on this list, but it has more business per 100 people than anyplace in this study.

The city’s Small Business Services Center offers coaching and roundtable discussions to help local business owners start and grow their enterprises.

Entrepreneurs eyeing Norcross for their business ventures can take advantage of free mentoring and workshops through Score Atlanta, a nonprofit resource center for small businesses in the Atlanta metro area.

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We’re on your side, even if it means we don’t make a cent. Doraville is redeveloping a former General Motors plant, which closed in 2009, to serve as a business and community center dubbed “Assembly.” A movie studio, Third Rail Studios, is set to anchor part of the development, which also has ample space for retail, dining and other businesses. Nerd Wallet analyzed 126 places in Georgia, each with a population of at least 5,000. Six places in the top 10, each with a population under 60,000, boast higher average revenue per business than the state’s most populous cities. All of the top 10 cities are along major transportation routes, a plus for businesses shipping products around the region or the country. Four of the 10 best places are within 30 miles of Georgia’s largest city. Nerd Wallet crunched the numbers to find the best places to start a business in the state. To determine a community’s economic health, we looked at median annual income, median annual housing costs and the unemployment rate. Some of Georgia’s biggest cities — Atlanta, Columbus, Augusta and Savannah — have the largest number of businesses in the state, but the most profitable businesses are in the suburbs and smaller cities. The city’s proximity to Atlanta, major transportation routes and two of the state’s largest airports make it a prime location for businesses.

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