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The Dark Secret is the fourth book of the New York Times bestselling Wings of Fire series, and also the fourth book in the first arc, featuring Starflight, the Night Wing dragonet of the prophecy, as the main protagonist. Now they've kidnapped their own dragonet of destiny, and Starflight is finally meeting the rest of his tribe — whether he wants to or not.It follows The Hidden Kingdom and precedes The Brightest Night. The Night Wings have also kidnapped several innocent Rain Wings, now trapped in the dark, barren, miserable place that is the Night Wing kingdom. For Jonah and Elliot's first tribe: Willamina and Wyatt, Ashwin and Syrus, Leo and Maya, Amelie, Charlie, Adam, Stella, Rady and Lyla, Sylvie and Penelope, Calvin, Evie and Joshua, and Noah and Grace The prologue shows Reed and his siblings in a battle between the Ice Wings and the Mud Wings, where Marsh becomes terrified after he saw his sister Crane die in front of him during their first battle.In her dream, he learns that his friends think he either betrayed them, or is too cowardly to even do something in that nature.Starflight then falls asleep feeling lonelier than he ever had before.

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They ask Starflight what he knows and Morrowseer threatens to kill him if he didn't say anything, so he says that he thinks they are attacking.

When they meet Mastermind, Morrowseer goes away being bored with science, leaving him and Fatespeaker with Mastermind.