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He is introduced to all of the Night Wing dragonets, however, the introduction is cut short when Morrowseer storms into the room, demanding that Starflight join him at the council. At the council, Starflight watches as they debate on attacking the Rain Wings.

He also figures that the Night Wings allied with Blister so that she and her army could help take the territory. " Starflight is brought to meet the false dragonets, and almost immediately afterwards Morrowseer orders the dragonets to kill him as a test.When they meet Mastermind, Morrowseer goes away being bored with science, leaving him and Fatespeaker with Mastermind.At first, when Starflight meets his father, Mastermind, he is filled with elation at the prospect of having such a smart father, but when he is given a tour by Mastermind around the labs, he is sickened by the fact that his father is abducting and torturing Rain Wings without even showing that he cares.He remembers that when Clay left and was chasing a boar, Night Wings came up out of the tunnel and abducted him.

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Starflight is awoken by his half-sister, Fierceteeth, who dumped salt water on him.

The title refers to the secret plan created by Queen Battlewinner and Morrowseer to invade and take over the Rainforest Kingdom and alluding to the fact that the Dragonet Prophecy is fake. Starflight wants to help the Rain Wings, but he's busy saving his own scales and trying to find a way back to his friends. After the battle is over, Umber claims to have noticed a scavenger den the Ice Wings were after. He then thinks about joining the Talons of Peace with his siblings.