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In 1993 he called for a referendum to measure his support, received a firm vote of confidence, and proposed a new constitution for Russia.

For all of his interest in reform, Boris Yeltsin wasn't afraid to put democracy on hold or use force when needed.

Once Yeltsin took power, he moved to reform the newly capitalist and democratic country, but occasionally used force to quell dissent. Boris (Nikolayevich) Yeltsin was the first freely elected president of Russia.

After nine years as President, he decided Russia needed new leadership and resigned the position to Vladimir Putin. Growing up in the rural Sverdlovsk region, he studied at the Urals Polytechnic, and began his career in the construction industry.

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But Yeltsin was not down for long; he returned to public attention in 1989 by being elected to the new Congress of USSR People's Deputies, and in June 1991 he was elected president of the Russian Federation.

In September 1993, he suspended the Russian parliament during a clash with conservatives.

The next month, he ordered troops to shell the Moscow parliament building to resolve the political crisis.

Prices for goods dramatically increased, leaving many to struggle to survive.

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