Dating a breitling

27-Jun-2017 20:20

In fact, given the return to classicism that we have seen on many new models introduced by most of the major Swiss brands in 2011, it looks almost contemporary.

“Rolex” is signed in large upper case letters inside the case back beneath the Rolex coronet emblem. Also here is the serial number 25098 and a full set of clear British hallmarks, these informing us that this case was assayed as solid 9 karat gold in Edinburgh 1965. Harland & Son Ltd, As a, Token of Their High Esteem, For, 25 Years Loyal Service, 1946-1971”.“Tudor” is signed above the dial centre point, with “Swiss” printed along the very bottom edge.The dial format is very attractive, taking the “3, 6, 9” layout that Rolex enthusiasts will often refer to as an Explorer dial.It is well known in vintage watch collecting circles that the condition of a dial has enormous ramifications in terms of commercial value, with the generally held view being that approximately 40% of the value of a desirable classic Rolex lies directly in its dial.