Dating advice for divored women

18-Dec-2017 21:51

I would understand if she didn't want to get married again.In all reality, it's not much different than most other women who also had relationships which failed...He was a serial cheater, so I chose to divorce him.Husband number two is/was a good person with, I believe, an alcohol problem which has escalated during our 10 year marriage.I guess they think that swearing eternal love for someone and then hating them shows that they are heroines who have the finest judgment on the planet. I've known far too many women who went after abusers time and time again, in spite of the fact that all of their friends told them that they are abusers, and they said,"but he's a good person underneath it all." That's puerile, even though they thing it gives them a Get Out of Accountability Free card, which makes them come across as even worse. Sure, something can be worked out, but it isn't Disney. What you have between your legs isn't made out of 24-karat gold. Don't bother telling me, as some women here do, something like "oh, so now we women have to do something extra to be treated like a human being." You were born with the potential ability to have a family, which you did, and the followup didn't happen. If, instead of personal desire, there is some aspect of your health that prevents you from having more children, then put it in your profile. Many women think this is unfair, but they didn't think their advantages when they were younger were unfair, so why should we listen to them now?I'm much more impressed with women who either a) maintain a good relationship with the ex, especially if there are children involved, b) admit some responsibility for the end of the relationship, and/or c) make a clean break and do not view me in terms of him.2) Look, you've failed twice. Maybe the next relationship will turn out fine, with what you've learned. I am not going to be impressed if such a woman says that she's old-fashioned and believes in true love and wants to spend her life with Mr. Maybe you could get away with demanding 20 years ago, but it won't work now. If I'm mature enough to take the time to get to know someone and gauge if her attraction and kindess toward me is genuine and healthy, I can always live by the following princible:"your past is none of my business."By the way, during those awkward silences during our first face-to-face at Starbucks when I didn't answer your questions, and made you decide you wouldn't answer my calls or e-mails?I would have more problems with a woman fourty or above that and never been married as a bigger red flag than one that has been married twice. "If you can come up with an answer...away..are headed for a hat trick.Let's face it I think almost all of us who have gotten past the age of 35 have had at least one failed marriage. While you're at it, sitting there peering at him over your coffee, also ask yourself if the coffee you are peering over is being peered over by the same woman who did the peering last time.

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What are a man's thoughts about a twice divorced woman?

It only takes one bad attitude to make a divorce, but if your mates are properly screened it should not be an issue of concern. for some men this will be a huge red flag and at the least make them look at you much harder before even considering you; for others, it may not bother them at all. Either way if ur fortunate enough to hook a third you better choose well because I don't see many men lining up for 3x divorced women.