Dating advice for divored women

18-Dec-2017 21:51

He was a serial cheater, so I chose to divorce him.Husband number two is/was a good person with, I believe, an alcohol problem which has escalated during our 10 year marriage.I would have more problems with a woman fourty or above that and never been married as a bigger red flag than one that has been married twice. "If you can come up with an answer...away..are headed for a hat trick.Let's face it I think almost all of us who have gotten past the age of 35 have had at least one failed marriage. While you're at it, sitting there peering at him over your coffee, also ask yourself if the coffee you are peering over is being peered over by the same woman who did the peering last time.I'm an educated, attractive, professional woman with a great personality, who, unfortunately, made some poor decisions (obviously).

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Guys that aren't looking to get married won't mind that you're divorced.

Guys looking for true love and/or marriage will most likely mind.

Things every woman who has decided to divorce should do. Things that will help the process move smoothly and protect her legal rights during divorce.… continue reading »

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Are divorced, unwidowed women with children. I would ask your friend if he would give the same advice to a women who. How do guys feel about dating women who.… continue reading »

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