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07-Nov-2017 03:56

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“Albinism isn’t a life sentence.” He believes his daughter’s tenacity and lack of self-pity are characteristics many people with the condition share.She is, however, unusual for using the term “albino”.

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“It’s not useful, as it perpetuates this idea there’s something 'freakish’ about the condition.“Not using it makes more of a point about being different. I’m relaxed saying, 'I’m an albino.’ With the odd exception, that word hasn’t been directed at me in a derogative way, although I appreciate others have a different experience.” Rosaleen Dempsey, 33, shares Knowlton Johnson’s determination, but prefers not to use the term.“I don’t like the way it usually comes before an insult,” she says.“I’m living proof you can be born with full-blown albinism and lead a normal life,” she says.