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07-Mar-2017 19:23

A) Component level People Code is associated with unique component, where as record level peoplecode can be associated with any number of components22. A) People code supports these types of functions:23) Explain with example where you used peoplecode extensively?

24) What is the difference between Prebuild & Postbuild events and saveprechange and savepostchange?

A) Set Control id is used when you want to share tables in People Tools applications.17) How to create prompt table?

A) Using edit table option in record field properties18) How is performance management taken care in People Tools?

A) – Indexing tables on the database side helps in batch processing a great deal.

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Then the users can query from the preloaded lookup table instead of joining tables.In Field edit for each field change, a transition to the application server to the database is taken place.In Save edit for all the fields, only one transition to the application server to the Database is taken place.A) Load Lookup is used to reduce the complexity of joins – it populates the values of a certain field depending on the key field specified from a certain table.

Application Engine11 - Download as Word Doc. we specify it as %DATEOUT. AE programs can now invoke PeopleCode.… continue reading »

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