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Compared to other toy sewing machines of its era, and indeed since then until the present, it is far more like a miniature adult machine than a child’s toy. companies such as Essex, Grain and Vulcan decided to produce toy sewing machines.

When other manufacturers wanted to enter the same market, many decided to do so with a close copy of the Singer 20. The first machines from all of these makers very closely resemble the Singer 20.

Although mainly targetted at the industrial sector, where they were popular with milliners and rosette makers etc., they were also at times marketed as small domestic machines and as children’s toys.

This was also known as the Singer 20 Sewhandy which came in standard black, tan or cream and very rarely in red or blue.

However, some of the later Sewhandy models (40K & 50D made in UK) use type 24x3 needles.