Dating disable site

26-Feb-2017 16:03

So I searched the apllications responsable for smart gesture. * Interesting note: In Smart Gesture window, when clicked on "Disable touchpad when mouse is plugged-in" nothing happens.

I found in "C:\Program Files (x86)\ASUS\ASUS Smart Gesture\As TPCenter\x64". I updated, even reinstalled my drivers, ATK and Smart Gesture services. That made me think Smart Gesture service is not active at all, though present.

This solution; function, function 9 then logout, sounds really simple, but if you don't know to use this, you too could be left in; Transformer h*ll.

There was an issue with the Smart Gestures disappearing altogether even under Windows 8 upon reboot.

Nice, but this error would not go away even across multiple machine rebooting(s)!Historically, the only solution has been to define a new user and essentially scrap the old one which is particularly difficult without the mouse function.Also it doesn't help much when the user being scrapped is the admin.I recommend installing the ATK package Programs and check to see which version of the Smart gesture program you are running. If it is anything lower, please uninstall and go to our support site You can find it under the "utilities" section at the support site. My smart gesture gone when Asus updated my notebook. Hope this helps someone because restarting constantly was such a pain!

Without doing anything (don't connect to a new internet connection or start any programs) if you have a standard file already open that is longer than the screen (ie firefox, pdf, notepad or word doc that you would usually need to scroll through) or if one's not open, open a folder that has more than the page filled with icons.First delete the existing ATK file and reload from the Asus support site.THen delete the existing Smart Gesture file and reload new one from Asus support site. I had the same problem with the disable of these essencials functions in asus s400ca.Executing "Asus TPLoader.exe" all Smart Gesture back to work normally. I'm running a K55VJ where the maximum available version of the Smart Gesture program is 1.0.35, matching the version I have installed. I had a red icon on the asus smart gesture icon, and the touchpad was completely non responsive after about a minute of the computer being on and doing this made it work again. This works only if the touchpad has been disabled using that shortcut or some other means.