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Being angered, Laius either rolled a chariot wheel over his foot or hit him with his whip, and Oedipus killed Laius and all but one of his attendants, who claims it was a gang of men.Laius was buried where he died by Damasistratus, the king of Plataea.While Laius was still young, Amphion and Zethus usurped the throne of Thebes.Some Thebans, wishing to see the line of Cadmus continue, smuggled Laius out of the city before their attack, in which they killed Lycus and took the throne.

On the trip home from that fight, he made the decision to transition.'I said, "OK, if that's going to make you happy",' his mother, Butler, said. It was a natural transition.'Manuel started the process with hormone treatment in September 2013.

Patricio Manuel, 32, says he spends most of his morning training sessions thinking about the journey that got him to where he is now.

And it's a long journey as Manuel, from Los Angeles, California, underwent gender-reassignment surgery, becoming the first boxer in US history to fight first as a woman and later as a man.

His grandmother was the one who pushed him into boxing in high school, gifting him with a boxing club membership at Christmas to help him lose weight (Pictured.

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Manuel, right, at unknown date, with professional boxer Lucia Rijker)Manuel's mother, Loretta Butler, said she knew from an early age that her daughters, Patricia and Megan, were different from other girls.'Every Christmas I would be buying toys at Toys 'R' Us and everybody would say, "You have two boys at home, huh?In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Manuel detailed the challenges he overcame to get to place where he says he is 'living his truth' for the first time.His mother said she knew from an early age that Manuel, born Patricia, was different from other girls her age.When the International Olympic Committee changed its policies last year, ruling that female-to-male transgender athletes should be allowed to compete 'without restriction', USA Boxing approved Manuel's license.