Dating games men play women

30-Mar-2017 06:28

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Of course there are women all over the United States who have been elected to high and important offices.There are three women in Congress; there have been two woman governors; and women sit in various State legislatures and hold State offices.

When they are notified of formal meetings where important matters are to be ratified, they generally find all these things have been planned and prepared, without consultation with them, in secret confabs of the men beforehand.While women's votes are a factor to be counted upon, and figure largely in any impending campaign, the individual women who figure in party councils are regarded by their male conferèes as having no real power back of them. Men who work hard in party politics are always recognized, or taken care of in one way or another.Women, most of whom are voluntary workers and not at all self-seeking, are generally expected to find in their labor its own reward.When it comes to giving the offices or dealing out favors, men are always given precedence.

They will ask women to run for office now and then, sometimes because they think it politic and wise to show women how generous they are, but more often because they realize in advance their ticket cannot win in the district selected.

At the national conventions no woman has ever been asked to serve on the platform committee.

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