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24-May-2017 01:44

That's why they both should look amazing and they need your help in choosing the right clothes and accesories. Use your mouse to click on the clothes to dress up the couple.The Dotted Girl Realife Shopping fashion game lets you put your passion for shopping to work for Dotted Girl, helping her work to earn money for a shopping spree.After Bacon had accidentally spawned all of Red Dress Girl's victims back in The Queen episode 3, Blue Boy became enemies with her after kidnapping Noob.

Blue Boy and Noob are shown to be good friends in the entirety of Red Dress Girl, Noob and Blue Boy's sentence.She later killed Lavender by poisoning her with her Green Tea.Later in The Queen series after Lavender and Blue Boy had respawned, they ended up loving each other again.In The Queen series, it is shown that the two are friends, helping her and all her other friends survive in the medieval-like kingdom.

In Bully part 4, Lavender was seen to have feelings for Blue Boy.

Lavender was seen to be jealous of Red Dress Girl, and started crying due to her thinking she will never get him, which confuses Blue Boy.