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The earliest jasper was stained throughout and was known as "solid," but by 1829 production in jasper had virtually ceased. Usually described assome authorities have described it as a type of. I don't have a sample to hand for you, but it is separated, and not a uniform stamp like the one displayed above. Wedgwood is a very complex entity, even for a seasoned collector.

For certain letters there are two possible year dates.

The early Sadler teapots were "Brown Betty" style, tall and shaped more like a coffee pot with possibly a marking found on the bottom.

It all began with James Sadler, who built a factor in Burslem at the heart of the ceramic industry in Stoke-on-Trent, and made a name for himself by making fine earthenware teapots.

The year code starts mid-alphabet with the letter "O" for 1860, the letter "P" for 1861, etc. Many people find it wedgwood backstamp dating to understand exactly what the letters datlng on the rear of an old piece of Wedgwood - I hope you find this guide useful in helping you to realise just how old the piece is, you can even pin-point it to a certain Month.

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A Wedgwood-inspired classical plaque centers the façade.

Pattern was used on Sadler teapots since 1950, and discontinued in 2002.