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19-Apr-2017 02:48

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Massachusetts-based drug manufacturer Lyndra's most recent test of its treatment found that effective, oral doses of three HIV-fighting compounds could stay in the systems of animals for sustained periods of time, as proof of concept for the drug they are developing.But, even as life spans continue to stretch for HIV positive people, the disease remains incurable, requiring a lifetime of treatment.It's a sign that their immune system is reacting to the presence of the virus in their body.Seroconversion is also the point at which the body produces antibodies to HIV.A courageous man outed himself as HIV positive in a public post on Facebook in a bid to show having the virus is not a death sentence.

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Andrew continued: 'I thought, 'It's the end, it's over, I'm dying.''Then, I met a counsellor and they said, "Do you know anyone with HIV? I was diagnosed 14 years ago."'It made me realise that people could survive.'Within four weeks he had started medication and the drugs began to work.'I had to take just one tablet a day, that was all I had to do,' he explained.

Once this has has happened, an HIV test will detect antibodies and give a positive result.

The risks of having sex with an HIV-positive person have changed. The stigma hasn't.… continue reading »

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