Dating in workplace

11-Jan-2018 10:25

Bringing that sheepishness and shame into the office can impact performance and productivity.

Likewise, small business owners accustomed to significant power at the workplace sometimes seek similar romantic relationships.

That is because some employees, despite established policies against dating co-workers, will try to date anyway.

This encourages sneaking around behind the boss’s back and could result in termination if and when the boss finds out.

The notion of a married boss sleeping with his secretary might sound as dated as the boys from "Mad Men." Today’s affairs cross gender lines, with female business owners entangling with employees.

Employment law expert Gabriel Granatstein notes that people will still follow their hearts before their wallets, especially when they’re attracted to a co-worker.Regardless of the initial intent of an office romance, a worker who feels slighted by a former lover in a supervisory role can hold small business owners accountable for financial damages under sexual harassment laws.Business owners who make advances on their employees can face criminal prosecution, even with the best of intentions.State and federal labor laws qualify sexual harassment in the eye of the beholder.

An innocent invitation to drinks by a small business owner could be perceived by an employee as requirement for continued employment.

Small business owners can unwittingly create hostile work environments by failing to act on reports of harassment.