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This connection creates access for cardiac patients to be transported directly from the helipad into the area to where they will receive care, bypassing the emergency department.“As a leader in heart care, we must continue to invest in improvements and technology that make us even better equipped to handle critical heart cases,” said Joe Gilene, president, Jewish Hospital, and downtown market leader.

This conversation seemed very “un-Millennial”–as a whole, our generation is marrying later, becoming more secular, and embracing different cultures more than any of our predecessors.If the emergency department determines the patient has elevated ST levels—a pattern on an EKG reading that indicates a total blockage—an emergency physician can alert the hospital’s cardiac catheterization lab team.This protocol enables the patient to receive treatment more quickly, and helps prevent or limit permanent damage to the heart muscle.But make no mistake: This doesn’t mean they have a laissez-faire attitude about intermarriage.

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In every denomination, the leaders I talked with are thinking intentionally about how to strengthen the sense of connection among teenaged Jews.“There’s no question that one of the purposes of the organization is to keep Jewish social circles together at this age,” said Matt Grossman, the executive director of the non-denominational organization BBYO, which serves about 39,000 American students each year.“If they’re in an environment where their closest friends are Jewish, the likelihood that they’re going to end up dating people from those social circles, and ultimately marry someone from those social circles, increases dramatically,” Grossman said.

If the same question had been asked about any other aspect of our shared identities–being white, being educated, coming from middle or upper-middle class backgrounds—it would have seemed impolite, if not offensive.

Perhaps my title is illy chosen, for the arrival of Jews in. Kentucky, from its earliest settlement to as late a date as. ants of the early Jewish settlers of Kentucky are known only by their Jewish family names and their oriental. death, if a religious service was held at Lexington for the holidays, he would attend it. He died about.… continue reading »

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Jewish Family and Career Services is a nonprofit,comprehensive human services organization. We provide care, counseling and guidance for people of any age, religion or ethnic origin. We give people the skills and tools to manage transitions and to meet life's challenges relating to family, relationships, aging, education.… continue reading »

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